About us

WSR Film Locations is owned and operated by Mark Verge founder of Westside Rentals; Mike Winn, a partner of Mark's for many years in several successful business enterprises for which Mike has handled all film scouts and shoots; and Rosa-Lee Pierce, a Location Manager in the Los Angeles area for the past twenty years.Our initial intention was to feature only apartments/condos - usually a challenging location to secure given the numerous layers associated with these complexes. Our aim was to simplify the process while offering a myriad of choices. That is still our goal. However, as we developed WSR Film Locations, we were fortunate enough to be presented with other types of hard-to-resist properties - such as homes, restaurants, an event/warehouse, even a veritable fleet of aircraft.We are continually adding new locations, with a focus on apartments/condos, to assist you in your searches for the perfect location - always keeping logistics in mind. Please note that some of the apartment interiors you see in our website may not be the exact ones available when you're ready to shoot. But the quality and look you see is the quality and look you'll get.Thank you for coming to our website. We look forward to working with you.